Milton Roy PD Series Pump

Chlorine and other chemical dosing pumps

Code Part no. Description
P_161000 PD051-838NI Max Capacity 1.1 GPH 150 psi
P_161001 PD061-848NI Max capacity 2 GPH 50 psi
P_161002 PD041-828NI Max capacity 0.6 GPH 250 psi

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Milton Roy PD Series Chemical Metering Pumps

The new dosing pumps Milton Roy from the PD series they add advanced technology. It is one of the most popular LMI pumps.

PD series metering pumps are perfectly suited to your water treatment process. On the other hand it adds practicality to your dosing application. They are available in two models: Manual and Advanced, the PD series is perfectly adapted to any industrial chemical dosing process.

The Manual model offers easy control without the need for calculations. Its split scale dial ensures precision, even at lower flow rates. The upgraded model offers external control and a large graphic display to provide intuitive access to advanced functions.

Benefits of manual dosing machines:

MiltonRoy Metering Pumps


  • Includes an improved drive mechanism: for more powerful stroke constant steady-state precision and reliable efficiency.
  • Its power supply is universal provides maximum flexibility.
  • The simplified capacity configuration with constant stroke range to keep the calibration in an adjustable range.
  • Intelligent control electronics, dynamically compensates for temperature and voltage conditions to provide consistent performance (patent pending).
  • Robust ends FASTPRIME ™ with over 10 years of proven performance.






Benefits of the improved dispensers:

MiltonRoy Chemical Metering Pumps

  • Large integrated graphic display, allows easy navigation and configuration.
  • External Control Inputs: External control inputs provide convenient remote access to automate your process.
  • Includes calibration wizard: provides an easy-to-use calibration process The system and user totalizers act as an odometer for your pump.
  • Technology STAYPRIME degassing ™ automates the priming cycle.






Milton Roy dosing pumps applications:

The PD series metering pump is designed to perfectly match your process control application in a wide range of industries:

  • Water treatment.
  • Sewage treatment.
  • Chemical processing.
  • Food drink.
  • Petroleum gas.
  • General industry.
  • Energy generation.
  • Pulp paper.
  • Textiles.

Do you need advice to choose a pumping system? Contact us for advice if you require the pump for any other application.

Request advice by mail: [email protected] and / or by phone: 3338340906.

Other models of dosing pumps:

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Milton Roy PD series

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