Purago UV Water Filter

Equipment to be placed under sink

Measurements: 38 cm high x 39 cm wide x 16 cm deep.

Three-step system:

5 micron sediment cartridge

Activated carbon cartridge

UV germicidal lamp

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Purifier for water troughs and for kitchen sink.


Reliable 100% water filters.

UV light lamp to kill bacteria.

UV and cartridge life time: 12 months.

Cartridge and cartridge holder size is 10 ″ standard size.

Includes gooseneck servitor key and connections.

Homemade water purifiers are equipment ready to connect to the sink, it is only necessary to make a hole in the sink to connect the serving tap.

3 stages of purification.


Polypropylene cartridge to retain sediment.

The purifier retains suspended particles, larger than 5 microns (solids, amoeba, etc.)

Activated carbon cartridge.

Removes organic pollutants, including those that add flavor, odor, and color.

Among the main groups of pollutants are pesticides, detergents, hydrocarbons, fats and oils. In addition, it removes free chlorine and prevents the growth of microorganisms in the cartridge (bacteria).


UV light lamp.

UV light lamp to kill bacteria.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

Data sheet

Purago UV Water Filter


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