Silica gravel

Silica gravel to support filter beds.

Raw material: Natural silica

Size in inches:

1/8 x 1/16 ″ - 3.175 x 1.58 mm (Quartz)

1/4 x 1/8 ″ - 6.35 x 3.175 mm (Quartz)

Presentation: 50 kg bags

Product images are illustrative and may vary from the physical product.

Silica gravel is produced by crushing open-textured silica stone, sieved to necessary grain distribution.

Silica gravel is produced by crushing, grinding and washing of high quality silica.

Silica gravel is used as a support for filter media, the concave part of the tanks are areas that do not intervene in the filtration, in most cases it is advisable to fill this area with silica gravel, as it is a material that does not impart any characteristic of the water to be treated and is much cheaper.


Support medium for multimedia filters, activated carbon, softeners ...

Physical characteristics: hard-grained sand. The grain size of the particles is variable, siftable and mainly brown to gray in color.

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