Goulds GB Multistage Booster Pumps

GB SERIES - Multistage stainless steel or cast iron pumps for continuous pressure water.

Goulds Water Technology combines over 155 years of pumping experience with the most modern design and manufacturing systems.

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Goulds GB Booster Series Multistage Pump

Provides stable, quiet and vibration-free operation.

Cast Iron, 1F, 0.5 HP, 9 ET, 115 / 230V GOULDS
Cast Iron, 1F, 0.75 HP, 13 ET, 115 / 230V GOULDS
Cast Iron, 1F, 1.0 HP, 17 ET, 115 / 230V GOULDS
Cast Iron, 1F, 1.0 HP, 10 ET, 115 / 230V GOULDS
Cast Iron, 1F, 1.5 HP, 15 ET, 115 / 230V GOULDS
Cast Iron, 3F 3.0 HP, 14 ET, 208 / 230V GOULDS
Cast Iron, 3F 5.0 HP, 5 ET, 208 / 230V GOULDS
Stainless Steel, 1F 1.0 HP, 17 ET, 115 / 230V GOULDS
Stainless Steel, 1F 1.5 HP, 15 ET, 115 / 230V GOULDS
Stainless Steel, 1F 2.0 HP, 17 ET, 115 / 230V GOULDS
Stainless Steel, 1F 3.0 HP, 14 ET, 115 / 230V GOULDS
Stainless Steel, 3F 3.0 HP, 14 ET, 208 / 230V GOULDS

Construction: Standard cast iron for general service or stainless for water treatment applications. Seal in O-Ring: Reliable high pressure seal easily removable for maintenance or repair.

Impellers and Diffusers: Glass-filled engineering composites with fixed impeller design. High resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Stages: 300 stainless steel rabbit lock for positive alignment without the need for gaskets.

Variable capacity: The design of the centrifugal pump allows the selection of the flow within a range for each size.

Mechanical Seal: A variety of materials and elastomers to meet the needs of the application.

Motors: NEMA 56J close coupled motors in open drip proof or totally enclosed design. single phase and three phase available.

Designed for continuous operation.


  • Chemical and light industrial applications
  • Residential, Commercial or Agricultural Laundry
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Liquid transfer
  • Filtration
  • Desiccation
  • Circulation and Pumping of Water
  • Reinforcement Service


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Goulds GB Booster


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