Filtersorb SP3 - Catalytic medium for the prevention of carbonate incrustations

Filtering medium for the prevention of incrustations (scale).

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Filtersorb SP3 - Filter media for scale prevention

The key to this unique product is the transformation of calcium and magnesium hardness into non-soluble micro crystals. The crystals formed provide essential minerals to the water, making it healthier. Filtersorb SP3 does not add sodium to water like conventional softeners.

Filtersorb SP3 is the result of extensive research, making it an undisputed success in the world market.

The reason for developing this product was to find a true replacement for conventional water softeners based on ion exchange resins and other chemical inhibitors that are only partially functional or that work at the expense of the environment and health. In these conventional treatments, a higher sodium content in the water or acidified water with a reduced pH directly influences health, causes environmental damage and increases the risk of corrosion in circuits or systems in contact with water.

Operating principle

When hard water is nucleated in a pressurized container, our crystallization process induces the transformation of calcium bicarbonates Ca (HCO3) into harmless and stable calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystals.

The following equation describes the reaction that occurs inside the pressurized container when water is in contact with the Filtersorb SP3 granules.

Ca (HCO3)2 - CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O

That is, the balance of the carbonates present in the water is broken by the assisted crystallization process. In this way, insoluble calcium carbonate crystals (CaCO3) are formed, by removing the CO2 from the soluble compound Ca (HCO3) 2. At the same time, the newly formed crystals provide new nucleation sites. For this reason, this incredible process is known as nucleation assisted crystallization or NAC (for its acronym in English). These crystals of submicron size, are very stable and cannot dissolve in water, therefore, they are unable to form scale.

The fragment of the name “SP (Scale Prevention) 3” is to indicate this unique transformation of the temporary water hardness Ca (HCO3) that results in three components: 1. CaCO3 (micro crystals), 2 . CO2 (colloid) and 3. H2O (pure water)


  • No salt required
  • No need to backwash
  • Does not need regeneration cycles
  • Does not increase sodium content in water
  • Eliminate previous incrustations
  • The catalytic process converts the Ca and Mg in harmless microcrystals
  • Free of mantenimient
  • Does not use chemicals for disinfection
  • No need for electrical connections
  • No drain connection required
  • No need for control valves
  • Easy to install
  • Huge savings compared to conventional salt softeners
  • Provides high quality water without the addition of sodium or phosphates

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