KDF 55 & 85

Raw material: powdered copper / zinc alloy.

Golden colour

Mesh number: 10 x 100

Presentation: 57 pound (25 kg) pail


Removal of chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria

Household purifying equipment

Semi-industrial filters

Laboratory equipments

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What is the KDF?

KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) process filter media are high purity copper-zinc granules that reduce contaminants in water using oxidation / reduction (redox) reactions. They are used in pre-treatment, primary treatment and wastewater treatment to maintain the system and extend the useful life of a system and reduce contamination by heavy metals, chlorine and hydrogen sulfide.

In what forms are KDF process filter media available?

KDF 55 granule: designed for the extraction or removal of chlorine and soluble heavy metals. KDF 85 granules: used for the extraction or removal of iron and hydrogen sulfide.

How does the KDF filter media work?

KDF filter media reduces or eliminates:

Chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, calcium carbonate, magnesium, chromium, bacteria, algae and fungi. The KDF medium exchanges electrons with pollutants, reducing them to non-harmful components. During reactions, electrons are transferred between molecules and new elements are created.

Chlorine extraction: the medium KDF 55 It can remove about 99% of free chlorine by electrochemical reduction of chlorine gas dissolved in water to its soluble chloride ion form. For the removal of chlorine at the points where it is applied, KDF medium is incorporated in shower filters and kitchen water filter cartridges.

Iron extraction: KDF medium extracts iron from water, alone or in combination with other technological treatments at the point of entry. KDF medium acts as a catalyst that exchanges soluble ferrous cations to insoluble ferric hydroxide substances, which can be easily removed during backwashing.

The middle KDF 85 removes more than 90% of iron from groundwater. Sulfur hydroxide extraction KDF 85 medium removes H2S by converting hydrogen sulfide gas to the insoluble form sulfide which is inert and precipitates. When water contaminated with hydrogen sulfide enters the KDF filter, the copper in the KDF medium loses one electron and the sulfide gains one electron and copper sulfide and water are formed. Copper sulfide is insoluble in water and can be removed by backwashing the KDF filter media. Periodic backwashing removes accumulations of precipitate from the filter media bed.

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KDF 55 & 85


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