Elkay wall-mounted drinking fountain with bottle filler EZH2O

Brand: Elkay


Model Code Type
EZH2O-8 EZS8WSLK With cooler
EZH2O-8S EZS8WSSK With cooler and bottom cover in stainless steel
EZH2O-D EZSDWSLK Warm water (does not have a cooling system)

Fill up your bottle

Without touching the trough

ELKAY EZH2O Drinker.

Accessible, modern and attractive, ideal for airports, universities, sports centers and more ...

Elkay wall-mounted drinking fountain with bottle filler, model EZH2O
Automatic bottle filler
The bottle filler is activated by a non-contact sanitary sensor with 20-second automatic shutdown.
Flexi-Guard nozzle
Flexible mouthpiece with antimicrobial protection.
Easy to operate push bars.
Easy to operate push buttons or push bars, accessible to children and adults.
Green Ticker.
The Green Ticker will keep a count of how many bottles you have avoided using the drinker.

EZH2O Elkay Drinkers.

Elkay's EZH2O Bottle Filling Series is Elkay's most popular bottle filling station.

Wall drinker, for water at the same time or with a cooling system and adaptation for filling bottles.

Ideal for gyms, industries, corporations, hospitals and places where it is necessary to replace the consumption of jugs.

Electronic sensor provides non-contact and contamination-free operation, just drop in bottle and refill.

The drinking fountain and bottle filler combine to save space and provide a better experience for all users. The water feature features a flexible technology nozzle designed by Elkay (Flexi-Guard), which features antimicrobial protection.

Drinker with electronic buttons: The drinker (bottom) is operated with push bars easy to press and the bottle filler is activated by a non-contact sanitary sensor with automatic shutdown of 20 seconds.

The fast fill flow of 1.1 GPM (gallons per minute) will fill reusable bottles quickly and without splashing.

The Green Ticker will keep a tally of how many bottles you have helped not to throw away.

Some models include a cooling system that provides water to both the drinking fountain and the bottle filler.


  • Sanitary: 20 second non-contact bottle filling (Bottle Filler).
  • Easy-touch front controls and sidebar.
  • Buttons made of silver ions with anti-microbial protection.
  • Laminar flow offering minimal splashing.
  • Real drainage system that removes stagnant water.
  • Visual user interface screen indicating:
  • Innovative Green Ticker ™ counter for unused bottles as polluting waste.
  • Available with Flexi -Guard ® StreamSaver ™ injury proof (Does not include anti-vandal »VR» code on any model).
  • The bottom panel can be in finishes: light gray granite or stainless steel.


  • Stainless steel sink with integrated drainer.
  • Galvanized structural steel body that provides structural integrity.
  • Flexi-Guard ® StreamSaver Bubbler ™ Safety nozzle made from a flexible antimicrobial polyester elastomer to prevent accidental mouth injuries. It flexes on impact. Lower flow efficient water stream.

Drinker specifications.

  • This drinking fountain will have a drinking water source and a bottle filling station.
  • EZS8 will emit 8 GPH of drinking water 10 ° C. The lower sprue will be activated with the buttons on the bar.
  • The drinker includes an electronic sensor for activation without contact with the 20 second bottle.
  • It will include Green Ticker ™ which indicates how many plastic bottles are saved for waste.
  • The sprue provides 1.1 to 1.5 gpm with laminar flow to minimize splashing.

    It will include silver on the antimicrobial protection buttons.

  • Minimum operating pressure: 20 psi.
  • The unit complies with the ADA guidelines.
  • The sprue is NSF / ANSI 61 and 372 certified lead free design and meets federal and state low lead requirements.
  • The sprue is certified to UL399 and CAN / CSA 22.2 No. 120.
  • Bottle filler drinkers can include a water purifier that works in parallel with an ultraviolet UV sterilizer or Elkay model equipment. WSP35000 anti-bacterial and activated carbon that does not need to be connected to electric light and that complies with the NOM-244-SSA1-2008 standard issued by COFEPRIS.
  • These water purifiers have been well accepted in the schools in which we have participated, being an integral system used in school drinking campaigns.

It is necessary to change the cartridges once a year or when the equipment decreases its flow.

Bottle filling station codes.

Elkay EZH2O stations are made up of an EZ line wall sprue (bottom) and a sensor bottle filler (top) .The models are different depending on the type of nozzle, the construction material of the sprue, among Other features.

The models we handle are the following:

EZH2O station model
Component Model
Includes cooler
Stainless steel body
Drinker Station

Carbotecnia, Elkay distributor for more than 5 years.

At Carbotecnia we have the support and direct certification of Elkay, one of the most recognized manufacturers of drinking fountains worldwide.

Installation guide.

See in this video the EZH2O station installed.

Data sheet




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