Crystolite – Granular microfiltration media, SDI reduction

Crystolite is a powerful filter medium made from granulated goethite, which can filter microns of 0.5 m, without causing clogging or pressure drops.

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Crystolite is a robust, long-lasting, backwashable filter media that meets needs for municipal, industrial, residential and water reuse use. This one-of-a-kind filter media has a high capacity and is designed to reduce the waste of expensive cartridges and plastic filter housings. Crysolite is an excellent alternative to all microfiltration membranes.


  • Removes solids and IDS
  • Compact filters
  • High filtration ranges
  • Heavy metal resistance
  • Continuous operation and performance
  • Easy operation, maintenance and control
  • Life time of 10 to 15 years
  • PH environments 3 to 12
  • High temperatures up to 80 ° C


CRYSTOLITE has been developed over several years through careful and extensive field testing to ensure unmatched removal of harmful solids and heavy metals from water systems. CRYSTOLITE reduces conductivity levels caused by micro solids. The reduction in the level of harmful solids and IDS (Sediment Density Index) is 5 to 8 times higher compared to its closest competitors. Crystolite provides micro filtration through a pressurized tank, where water flows through the filter material, while suspended solids are retained on its surface and only clean water flows through the filter bed. As a result, Crystolite can filter particles down to 0.5 microns without clogging. Suspended solids accumulate on the surface of the Crystolite and are later easily removed by backwashing. In addition, the system can be designed for a manual or automatic backwash cycle, with a maximum of ten minutes, using 80% less water than any traditional filter media. This is possible since 90 % of the solids are captured on the surface and not within the Crystolite® bed. High-tech filtration has the ability to filter solids and particulates at sub-micron levels ten to 15 times the flow rate of all traditional filters.


  •  Ammonium removal
  •  Heavy metal trace removal
  •  Pre-treatment for reverse osmosis
  •  Electric plants
  •  Iron and steel industry
  •  High solids wastewater
  •  Non-purge cooling towers
  •  Boilers without purge
  •  Swimming pools



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