Espa Prisma Pump

Completely silent horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, self-priming up to 2 m.


Specially designed to work with clean waters

Domestic use,


Hydropneumatic pressure sets for automatic water supply.

Product images are illustrative and may vary from the physical product.


- Turbines and pump body in Ac. AISI 304 stainless steel.

- AISI 420 stainless steel motor shaft.

- Diffusers in Noryl.

- Suction and discharge body in gray cast iron.

- Mechanical seal in graphite and staetite.

- L-2521 aluminum motor housing.

Minimum flow capacity: 8 lpm.

Flow capacity: 8 - 380 lpm.

Motor: Closed, Forced ventilation.

Temperature range: 35 - 40 ° C

Minimum suction diameter:

Prisma10 1.25 ″. Prisma20 1.5 ″.

Prisma30 2.5 ″. Prisma40 3 ″.

Working range: 5 - 80 mwc.

Engine data:

- Asynchronous, two poles.

- IP 44 protection.

- Class F insulation.

- Continuous service.

- Single-phase version with built-in thermal protection.

- Winding impregnated with ep varnish

Monobloc multistage centrifugal electric pumps in horizontal execution designed for the pressurization of domestic homes, small irrigation systems and clean water pumping applications where a robust and compact pump is required.

Especially recommended for potable water applications.

It stands out for its extremely silent operation and its self-priming capacity up to 2 m, which is considerably increased by the installation of a foot valve.

Its reliability adds to its ability to work in multiple conditions, and its compatibility stands out by incorporating an ESD variable speed control module to automate its operation with criteria of energy saving and installation efficiency. It is especially recommended for constant pressure pressurization.

Data sheet

Espa Prisma 15

Espa Prisma 25

Espa Prisma 35

Espa Prisma 45


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