Cationic Resin Resinex K-8

Resin for industrial softeners.

Demineralization and polishing when used in combination with Resinex TM A-4.

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Resinex ™ K-8

It is a strong acid gel cation exchange resin. The cross-linked polystyrene divinylbenzene matrix provides excellent resistance to physical degradation. The high capacity achieved in softening and demineralization makes it suitable for most standard residential and industrial water treatment applications. Along with optimizing the consumption of regenerants, Resinex ™ K-8 will allow you to obtain high quality process water economically. Resinex ™ K-8 is available in different particle sizes specially adapted for mixed bed and counter flow applications.

Some important facts:

• European AP97 (1) certificate:

It complies with Resolution AP97 (1) of the European Council for the use of ion exchange resins in the processing of food products.

WRAS BS 6920

BS 6920 approved for cold water and hot water up to 85 ° C

• High integrity spheres

Excellent resistance to mechanical degradation ensures low pressure drop

• Extended operational capacity

Economic advantage

• Optimized for counter current flow

Compatible with all current systems.

• Very high total capacity


Polystyrene type
cross-linked divinylbenzene
Gel-type, amber, spherical beads
Functional group
Sulfonic acid
Whole account count
95% min.
Ionic form, as shipped
Na +
Grain size
16 × 40 mesh US (0.42-1.25 mm)
Effective size
0.45 - 0.55 mm
Apparent density
820 kg / m3
Real density
1.28 g / cm3
Water retention
Total capacity
2.00 eq / l min.
Volume change Na + -> H +
8% max.
Stability, temperature
120ºC max.
pH 0-14

Standard design conditions

Bed depth
> 700 mm
Service flow
8-40 l / h / l
Backwash expansion
50 - 75%

Data sheet

Data sheet
Resinex K-8 FG UB

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