Carbon Block Cartridges Bigblue 4.5″x 20″

Carbon Block activated carbon cartridges

Raw material: Polypropylene

Measurements: 4.5 ″ x20 ″

Microns: 1, 5 and 10

Brand: Hydronix

Product images are illustrative and may vary from the physical product.

They are made with high purity coconut shell activated carbon.

Available in a wide range of lengths, diameters, and micron ratings, Carbon Block cartridges reduce chlorine, have high sediment holding capacity, and greatly reduce carbon residue.

They are ideal for points of use (PU) and reverse osmosis. These cartridges can be used in homes, restaurants, as well as in shops and industries. These cartridges more efficiently supply GAC (granular activated carbon) cartridges in applications where chlorine reduction is required.

Extruded block carbon cartridge filters.

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2.5 "x10", 2.5 "x20", 4.5 "x10", 4.5 "x20"


1 Micron, 5 Micron, 10 Micron

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Carbonblock cartridges

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