Gama L - Lignite coal Activated Carbon

Lignitic mineral activated carbon, with a wide range of pore sizes, but larger than those of bituminous. Suitable for treating strong colored wastewater, and for decolorizing all kinds of liquids.

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Lignitic mineral granular activated carbon

Raw material: Lignitic mineral (lignite)

Particle size range (mesh): 8 × 30

Presentation: 25 kg sacks, 500 kg super sacks.


Tertiary wastewater treatment


Retention of organic pollutants

Range L is manufactured from lignite. Like bituminous coal, it has a wide range of pores - from 2 to 50 nanometers - with the difference that the percentage of pores close to 50 nm is higher. This property allows it to be used to purify fluids containing compounds that cause strong colors of various molecular sizes.

Range L has a lower density than coals of bituminous origin and coconut shell. With this feature, the backwash requires less water flow to expand the carbon bed. Therefore, the energy consumption used in this operation is lower.

Mineral activated carbon for water treatment



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