Activated Carbon Air Purifier (Canister)

Canister for the treatment of air and gases, air purifier with 100 kg activated carbon for acid, alkaline, mercury, ammonia, drainage odors ...

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200 liter canister type air purifier in steel with epoxy inner coating, equipped with 100kg granular or pelletized activated carbon.

2 ″ or 2.5 ″ connections.

A canister is an inexpensive drum that contains activated carbon and has connections that allow it to be used as an air purifier.

Once the charcoal is saturated, it is replaced with virgin charcoal or reactivated.

With the above, the user solves contamination problems quickly, without the need to invest in expensive equipment.

To remove organic gases

Industrial solvents

Acid gases

Drainage odors

Mercury vapors

Ammonia and amines

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