Fresh and Brackish Water Treatment Plant DW from 4 to 90 m3 / hour

Water treatment plants AZUD WATERTECH DW

Water treatment plant mounted on a structure (skid) or in a maritime container, to produce drinking water in municipal, industrial and residential applications.

Fresh water and brackish water purification plants DW


Fresh water plant, model: DW DU

For with TDS <1,000 mg / l

Technology used: Disc filtration + ultrafiltration membranes.

Standard range production flow rates: 4 - 8 - 15 - 30 - 60 - 90 m3 / h *


Low salinity brackish water plant, model: DW OL

For water with TDS <1,500 mg / l

Main technologies: Microfiltration cartridges + BW reverse osmosis membranes

Production flow rates: 2 - 4 - 8 - 10 - 20 - 42 m3 / h *


Low-medium salinity brackish water plant, model: DW ZOX

For water with TDS: 1,000 - 3,000 mg / l

Technology used: Zeolite deep bed filtration + microfiltration cartridges + BW reverse osmosis membranes

Production flow rates: 2 - 4 - 8 - 11 - 21 - 42 m3 / h *


High salinity brackish water plant, model: DW ZOW

For water with TDS: 3,000 - 6,000 mg / l

Technology used: Zeolite deep bed filtration + microfiltration cartridges + BW reverse osmosis membranes

Production flow rates: 1.6 - 3 - 6.5 - 12 - 21 - 42 m3 / h *

* Customized plants for high production flow rates.


AZUD WATETECH DW plants are a long-lasting, compact and factory-tested solution for Plug & Play installation (on and running) and immediate commissioning.

The automation and instrumentation of the plants allows their completely autonomous operation, to reduce operating costs and ensure efficient long-term performance.

They have a friendly interface, with the option of remote control, to facilitate the supervision and control of the system.

Sustainable water purification plants

The design, manufacture and installation of the water treatment plants use a series of technologies and water disinfection, which produce clean drinking water physical-chemical, nor bacteriological, complying with the quality standards of water for human consumption, from any source of contaminated fresh water, brackish water or sea water.

How different is it from other plants that are assembled on site:

  • Less time on site for installation and startup.
  • We optimize system performance and minimize energy consumption.
  • We guarantee the quality of the water supplied.
  • We reduce the consumption of consumables and chemicals.
  • We extend the useful life of the plant and its components.

Brand success stories

Emirates project

Treatment of tertiary wastewater AZUD WATERTECH DW

Application: Groundwater Treatment

Sector: Industry

Water source: Tertiary wastewater

Location: United Arab Emirates

Used equipment: AZUD WATERTECH DW D20UOX35

Types of treatment: Disc filters, ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO)

Production: 34 m3 / h

Project: Andorra


Year: 2019

Application Compact plant for drinking water supply

Flow: 225 m3 / h

Conversion: 90.5%

Energy consumption: 0.22 KWh / m3

Inlet water quality Turbidity: 50 NTU (Max: 200 NTU)

Treated water quality Local legislation for drinking water quality

Treatment line Disc Filtration + Ultrafiltration

Project: Mauritius Islands


Year: 2019

Application: Containerized plants for drinking water supply

Flow: 84 m3 / h

Number of floors: 10

Conversion: 97.9%

Energy consumption: 0.13 KWh / m3

Inlet water quality: Turbidity: 50 NTU

Treated water quality: WHO guidelines for drinking water quality

Zeolite Filtration + Chlorination treatment line

Video of a mine wastewater treatment system in Peru

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DW DU water treatment plant

DW OL water treatment plant

DW ZOX water treatment plant

DW ZOW water treatment plant


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