Elkay LZWSMDK bottle filling station

Non-contact sanitary operation electronic sensor filler.

  • Provide warm water.
  • Includes wall mounting frame.
  • May include filter.

Elkay bottle filler, model LZWSMDK.

Elkay is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel sinks, faucets, water coolers and drinking fountains, delivering design and function solutions for professional plumbing. In the drinking water division, they developed a line of "hands-free" bottle fillers, which helps the environment by minimizing the use of disposable plastic bottles. The main benefit of these automatic bottle fillers is that they are activated by a sanitary sensor that prevents contact with the station.

Rated for indoor use, designed to be flush-mounted with a fill rate of 1.5 gallons per minute.

The LZWSM8K and LZWSMDK have a 20-second sleep timer.

Some applications: Airports, universities, offices, hospitals, gyms, shopping centers and public spaces, among many other applications.

Automatic filler.
The water flow is activated by a sensor.
Green ticker
Informs the user how many water bottles have been refilled.
Visual filter status monitor
Informs when the filter needs to be replaced.
Access door to the purifier.
Hinged door for easy maintenance.

Can be used with unrefrigerated SwirlFlo or Soft Sides fountains.

The LZWSMDK bottle filler can be installed alone or with an architectural fountain.

Installs flush with the wall for a uniform appearance these indoor recreational facilities make. Product available to work in tandem with architectural fountains and remote chillers.

Green ticker

Informs the user of the number of water bottles that have been refilled with the bottle filling station.

Filter monitor

The filter monitor records water usage and alerts users when the filter needs to be changed. The three-light system Green (filter below 80% of capacity) Yellow (80% to 90% of capacity) and Red (filter needs to be replaced) helps keep the user always having the best filtered water available.


  • Easy installation: Includes kIt is designed for easy installation.
  • Simple maintenance: The in-wall unit has a top hinge and bottom access panels for easy filter replacement and maintenance.
  • Completely hands-free: Automatically fill your bottle by proximity sensor, without the need for contact.
  • Antimicrobial protection: Integrated antimicrobial silver ion makes cleaning easy by protecting against mold and mildew growth.
  • Filter life time indicator: External visual filter monitor confirms the filter water supply and indicates when the filter needs to be changed.


Stainless steel
Antimicrobial, Filtered, Green Ticker ™, Hands Free, Laminar Flow, True Drain, Visual Filter Monitor
Power source
115V / 60Hz
L: 19-3 / 4 "

W: 3-1 / 2 ″

H: 40-13 / 16 "

Mounting option
Wall mounting (frame / wall plate)
Cooling option
Not refrigerated
Application location
Number of Stations
Shipping Dimensions
L: 25-3 / 4 "

W: 42-7 / 16 ″

H: 44-1 / 2 "

Approximate Shipping Weight (lbs.)
It includes:
Bottle filler (LZWSMDC), mounting frame (MFWS100), filter (EWF3000)
Bottle filler only
ADA compliance
Standards with which it complies
ADA and ICC A117.1

Buy American Act

CAN / CSA C22.2 No. 120


NSF 42

NSF 53

NSF 61

NSF 372 (lead free)

UL 399

Data sheet

Data sheet

Installation Manual


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