Altapres Altamira pump

The Altamira brand ALTAPRES series pump was designed to increase water pressure and can be used in multiple applications, thanks to its floating impeller system, maximum efficiencies, long service life and incomparable performance are achieved.


  • Residential, commercial or agricultural pressure wash
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Filtration systems
  • Spray Cooling Systems
  • Pressure rise
  • Water circulation systems
  • Air conditioning
  • General pumping use
  • Irrigation systems

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Construction features

Pump body (wrap tube): 300 series stainless steel

Discharge head: stainless steel.

Motor mount: cast iron, with a sturdy kickstand for horizontal or vertical mounting and handle for unit portability

Impellers: made in Celcon ®

Diffusers: made of Noryl ®

Pump shaft: 300 series stainless steel

1 ”suction and discharge are the same throughout the line, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Mechanical seal: carbon / ceramic / rubber Viton ®

Three-phase motor pumps have the following additional benefits: Stainless steel motor bracket with sturdy support foot for horizontal or vertical mounting and handle for unit portability.


Asynchronous, two poles, 60 Hz, 3,450 RPM

Drip-proof open motor

NEMA 56J frame

Continuous service

Single-phase version has underload protection (automatic reset)

Continuous service


Maximum fluid temperature: 71 ° C

Maximum Suction Pressure (Inlet): 75 PSI

Data sheet

Altamira Altapres


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