Bio-C - Charcoal type Biochar

Powdered charcoal for agricultural use.

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Bio-C, charcoal for agricultural use

It is a charcoal made from coconut shell selected to be used as a soil improver, also known as Biochar. It works on all kinds of crops, vegetables, flowers, grains and lawns.

It does not have salts that can damage the osmotic balance of the root, nor heavy metals that cause phytotoxicity. It allows to raise the carbon content in an agricultural land, which improves the physical-chemical properties of the soil. Furthermore, it is an ideal medium for the colonization of beneficial microorganisms, such as nitrogen and phosphorus fixing bacteria, as well as vesicular arbuscular fungi. Recommended for large agricultural areas.


Bio-C provides the following benefits:

  • It adsorbs organic and inorganic nutrients, releasing them slowly towards the root system.
  • It makes the consumption of fertilizer more efficient by avoiding losses due to leaching.
  • It promotes the settlement of beneficial microorganisms around the rhizosphere.
  • Increases the cation exchange capacity.
  • It has a marked tendency to stabilize the pH.
  • Improves soil structure and its water retention capacity.
  • It favors the formation of stable organic compounds, such as glomalin.

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