Gama B - Bituminous coal activated carbon

Bituminous mineral granular activated carbon

Wide range of pore sizes and therefore particularly suitable for tertiary treatment of wastewater and surface water from wells, rivers, waterwheels and lakes.

It has certification:

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NSF certified bituminous mineral granular activated carbon - ANSI 61

Raw material: Bituminous coal

Particle size range (mesh): 8 × 30 and 12 × 40

Presentation: 25 kg sacks, 500 kg super sacks.


  • Tertiary wastewater treatment
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Remove chlorine from water
  • Treatment of surface water from wells, rivers, norias and lakes.
  • Retention of organic pollutants in liquid products

Gama B is manufactured from bituminous mineral coal, carefully selected to achieve the formation of a wide range of pores during its activation - from 2 to 50 nanometers. The size of its pores allows it to accommodate the most diverse organic pollutants that are dissolved in the liquid to be treated.

This characteristic makes Range B the ideal carbon for wastewater treatment, since it can adsorb contaminants of large molecular size such as colorants, and also small ones such as odors. However, Gama B can also be used for the purification of water, the purification of other liquid products and many other specific processes.

Activated carbon for water treatment



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