Natural Zeolite

Operation Specifications:

Particle sizes:

National Zeolite 12 x 30

Service flow: 10 to 20 gpm / ft2

Backwash flow: 12 to 22 gpm / ft2

Backwash duration: 5 to 15 min.

Required expansion (backwash): 40-50%

Bed depth: 30 to 48 in.

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Zeolite allows the filtration of drinking water in deep-bed filters without the need to combine it with another filter medium, since it meets the specifications of giving depth to the filter bed, and of retaining particles of up to 5 microns.

Natural absorbent due to its high degree of hydration. Excellent stability in its crystalline structure when dehydrated. Its density is low and it retains a large volume of voids when dehydrated.

High capacity collector, retains particles down to 5 microns.

The properties of the zeolite in cation exchange neutralize certain elements. Uniform molecular channels are sorted in order upon dehydration.

Great ability to absorb gases and vapors. It has catalytic properties and ion exchange capacity.

Zeolites are porous minerals of volcanic origin, made up of a scaffolding of silicon and aluminum tetrahedra, arranged in an orderly fashion and linked by oxygen atoms, which are the backbone of their crystalline structure. In the open spaces of this, whose pore diameter ranges from 3 to 10 anstroms, the water molecules are introduced without participating in the cohesion of the network.

When the structure dehydrates, it forms open three-dimensional networks and its compounds are arranged in channels of molecular order size, presenting an excess of negative charge as a consequence of the isomorphic substitution of Si4 + by AI3 +, thereby developing its capacity to absorb gases and vapors. and allows ion exchange.

In this phenomenon, also known as cation exchange, the ions are displaced by others of ammonia or heavy metals.


  • Reduce the acidity of the water a bit.
  • A smaller amount of product is required compared to silica sand due to its porosity and density.
  • It has a greater surface area and porosity.
  • Produces greater clarity in filtered water.
  • It is the most durable filter medium (more than 5 years).
  • It only requires a simple periodic backwash to maintain its efficiency and performance.
  • It has a flow capacity 4 times higher than that of conventional filter media.
  • It increases the flow in equipment with multimedia and gravity and pressure systems compared to sand filters.
  • Very few backwash cycles are required, achieving significant energy savings.
  • It has a greater retention capacity due to its greater surface area.


  • Multimedia Water Filters
  • Sediment filters
  • Industrial filtration
  • Tertiary wastewater treatment
  • Water filter for water purifiers, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

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