Assembled Johnson Type Nozzle

Tobera ensamblada inferior con boca de 2″, en acero inoxidable 316, para altos flujos para colocar sobre placa o filtros de falso fondo.

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Brand: Carbotecnia
Made of polished 316 Stainless Steel
Conexión: Abertura inferior de 2″
Apertura de la microrranura de la parte externa: 0.18 mm
Empaque de hule inferior.

Diámetro: 82 mm
Altura de la parte ranuradal: 50 mm
Abertura inferior: 50 mm
Altura total: 150 mm


Micro-grooved nozzles are used for the retention of granular media in water treatment equipment. These means can be of any type, such as: , silica sand, resin resins ion exchange, green sand, MTM, Birm, pyrolusite, among others.

In addition to the retention function, the micro-grooved nozzles perform a good drainage, as well as an adequate distribution of the flow, both in equipment that works under pressure, as in those that do it by gravity.
The microgroove through which the fluid circulates has a "V" shaped cut, with the most closed part towards the outside of the nozzle. This design prevents plugging.

The microgroove is continuous and has a total flow area approximately twice the section area of the connecting nipple. This means that the microgroove is not a restriction to flow and therefore causes minimal pressure drop.

The 0.18 mm opening in the most closed part, which is the one in contact with the granular medium, allows any granules larger than 40 mesh to be directly retained. This means that no gravel beds are required as support.

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Tobera ensamblada para falso fondo


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