Salt Pellet Tru Soft

Pellet Salt, Brand: Tru-Soft

Composition: 99% sodium chloride

Calcium sulfate 0.5%

Magnesium Sulfate 0.5%

White color

Presentations: 50 pounds (22.68 kg) and 80 pounds (36 kg).


Sodium Cyclo Resin Regenerant (Softener)

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Tru-Soft Pellet Salt is an evaporated salt for softener in pellets are produced from our high purity salt. The product is a minimum of 99.9% NaCl, contains virtually no insolubles, and produces a clear brine. The product meets AWWA standards for salt water softener and is NSF registered.

Salt is made under mechanical vapor recompression in a saturated brine evaporation system. The salt is dried, compacted and sieved before packaging. All batches are tested for pellet integrity to ensure uniform dissolution.


Pure salt 99.9%

Clean the resin and eliminate odors.

High purity minimizes residue.

Prevents mold build-up and stains.

Improves the performance of your softener

Besides These Advantages

Clean the Resin and eliminate odors.

It minimizes the residue due to its high purity and reduces the cleaning of the brine tank.

Specially made to eliminate the formation of fungi and avoid the channeling of the brine.

Promotes peak performance of your water softener and extends the life of your softener systems

Safe and effective in all water softening systems.

Data sheet

Tru-Soft Pelet Salt


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