Vessels Stainless steel Reverse Osmosis Membrane


Hydronix membrane holder in 304 stainless steel

2.5 ”and 4” diameter

21 ", 40" and 80 "long

304 and 316 Stainless Steel Available

Product images are illustrative and may vary from the physical product.

Stainless Steel Membrane Vessels for Reverse Osmosis RO.


2.5 "SPV-25212.5 "x 21"3/8 "3/8 "DepartureU clamp
2.5 "SPV-25402.5 "x 40"3/8 "3/8 "DepartureU clamp
4"SPV-4021-124 "x 21"1/2 "1/2 "DepartureU clamp
4"SPV-4040-124 "x 40"1/2 "1/2 "DepartureU clamp
4"SPV-4040-344 "x 40"3/4 "1/2 "DepartureU clamp
4"SPV-4040SP4 "x 40"3/4 "1/2 "Side hatchU clamp
4"SPV-40434 "x 43"3/4 "1/2 "DepartureU clamp
4"SPV-40614 "x 61"3/4 "1/2 "DepartureU clamp
4"SPV-4080 *4 "x 80"3/4 "1/2 "DepartureU clamp
4"SPV-4080SP4 "x 80"3/4 "1/2 "DepartureSide hatch

* SPV-4080 will include both SPV-40 COUPLER and SPV-40CPLR for customer's choice.



2.5 "SPV-25CAPBlack Cap for 2.5” Membrane Vessel
2.5 "SPV-25CLMPKIT2.5" Diaphragm Holder Clamp Set
2.5 "SPV-25CAPORINGO-Ring for 2.5” Diaphragm Vessel Cap
4"SPV-40CAPORINGO-Ring for 4 ”Diaphragm Holder Cap
4"SPV-40CAP12Black cap for 4 ″, 1/2 ″ Porthole x 1/2 ″ Membrane Vessel Brine
4"SPV-40CAP34Black cap for 4” Diaphragm Vessel, 3/4” Porthole x 1/2 ”Brine
4"SPV-40CLMPKITClamp Set for 4” Diaphragm Vessel
4"SPV-40 COUPLER4 ”membrane coupler (shorter)
4"SPV-40CPLR-SPCoupler for 4 ”Side Porthole
SPV-ORINGPermeate O-Ring for Lids 2.5 ”& 4”
  • Body: 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Covers: GRP - Glass Reinforced Polyamide
  • O-rings / Gaskets: EPDM

Maximum operating pressure 300 psi (20.7 bar)


  1. Clamps
  2. Top
  3. O-Rings
  4. Cup

Hydronix SPV Series Stainless Steel Membrane Vessel

They are your best option for a quality pressure vessel at an attractive price. High quality, durability and perfect finish are some of the virtues that make SPV Series pressure vessels the best on the market. Dimensions are correct and tolerances are exact. This equates to a product that not only meets your criteria but also meets your expectations and price need.

They use clamp-style closures that securely join and close the fiberglass reinforced polyamide caps for a secure closure.

Data sheet

Membrane partitions reverse osmosis stainless steel


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