Pyrolox – Remoción de fierro y manganeso


Applications:Iron and manganese removal
Raw material:Manganese Dioxide (100%)
Mesh number:8 x 20
Presentation :0.5 ft3 60 Pound Bag (27.2 kg)
Bed depth:It depends on the application and quality of the water. Suggested 46 cm.
Service flow:5 gpm / ft2.
Backwash flow:25 to 30 gpm / ft2.
PH range:From 6.5 to 9.0

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It is a high capacity filter medium for removal of hydrogen sulfide, iron or iron, and manganese. Chemical regeneration is not required, as these contaminants are oxidized on the surface of the media, and then removed by simple backwashing. The characteristics of the design flow are similar to those of the green sand. Higher capacities and no requirement for regenerants make PYROLOX an economical alternative for the removal of iron.

A naturally mined mineral, Pyrolox contains entirely carbon dioxide manganese which has been used in water treatment for over 75 years. Pyrolox is a granular filtration medium for removing hydrogen sulfide, iron and reducing manganese. Pyrolox works as a catalyst, but itself remains relatively unchanged. Pyrolox works on a principle whereby hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese rust and become trapped in filter media, while easy backwash cleans bed. Chemical regeneration is not required, nothing is imparted into drinking water, and Pyrolox has a high capacity for low concentrations of contaminants. Pyrolox can be used in conjunction with aeration, chlorination, ozone or other pre-treatment methods for difficult applications. Chlorine or other oxidants accelerate the catalytic reaction.

Pyrolox Advantages:
Effective reduction of iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese.
Durable material with long service life and low annual bed wear.
Chemical regeneration is not required, only backwas newspapers.

Rank of pH of the water: 6.5 to 9.0
Due to their heavy weight, it is very important that Pyrolox filters are properly backwashed to ensure sufficient bed expansion and to maintain medium life.

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