Step Aqua Pak Pump

Horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump for continuous service, body and shaft in stainless steel, 3/4 and 1 ph, ideal for raising water tanks, hydropneumatic systems and irrigation.

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The aqua pak brand STEP series multistage pump offers reliability and low energy consumption. It is ideal for home use, especially for pressurization and irrigation systems.


Water supply to homes
Irrigation to gardens
Hydropneumatic systems


Jacket (enveloping tube) in 304 stainless steel
Cast iron suction and discharge
Impellers and diffusers made of Noryl®
Pump shaft: in 304 stainless steel
Carbon / Ceramic Mechanical Seal
Priming and bleed plug in Bronze
Aluminum motor housing

Asynchronous, two poles
IP 44 protection
Class F insulation
Continuous service
Built-in thermal protection
Drip proof switch

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Step Aqua Pak


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