Pulsator Chem-Tech Series 100 Metering Pump

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Pulsator Chem-Tech 3 GPD 100 psi Metering Pump
Pulsator Chem-Tech 7GPD 100 psi Metering Pump
Pulsator Chem-Tech 15 GPD 100 psi Metering Pump
Pulsator Chem-Tech 30 GPD 100 psi Metering Pump
Pulsefeeder Chem-Tech 60 GPD 125 psi Metering Pump
Pulsator Chem-Tech 68 GPD 60 psi Metering Pump
Pulsefeeder Chem-Tech 100 GPD 60 psi Metering Pump
Pulsator Chem-Tech 120 GPD 80 psi Metering Pump


ChemTech Series 100 pumps with motorized diaphragm technology provide reliable performance and longer life. The 100 Series provide quiet and consistent measurement, in a compact manner, over long periods of time.

Tried and tested motorized electric transfers powered by a mechanical transmission and eccentric cam providing smooth and reliable dosing.

The compact and molded injection housing that keeps the pump head free offers economy and chemical resistance.

Low voltage, industrial grade diaphragm provides long life even under harsh conditions and under continuous duty cycles.

The preferred metering pump for water conditioning professionals around the world. Perfect for applications where economical and consistent performance is required. Capable of a wide range of flows, from less than 3 USGPD (0.47 lph) to 30 USGPD (4.72 lph) and for pressures up to 100 PSIG (7 BAR).


  • Quadruple check valve guided system.
  • Bleed valve assembly standard.
  • Feed rate control.
  • Duplex models. Both series can be configured to dose two chemicals in different ratios.

Operational benefits:

  • Reliable measurement.
  • Sealed speed reducer.
  • Easy tube change.
  • Automatic priming.
  • Chemical resistant materials.
  • Simple installation.

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