Milton Roy U Series Pump

Chlorine and other chemical dosing pumps:

Code Part no. Description
P_161004 PDO21230 LMI 12 GPD @ 80 PSI Dispenser, Double Knob
P_161005 PDO22430 LMI 24 GPD @ 80 PSI Dispenser, Double Knob
P_161006 PDO23030 LMI 30 GPD @ 80 PSI Dispenser, Double Knob
P_16100 PDO20620 LMI Dispenser, 6 GPD @ 80 PSI, One Knob

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Milton Roy Uni-dose pump

Now with a completely redesigned pump head for greater reliability and reduced maintenance.
The liquid end of the Unidose pump has been redesigned and the part number has been changed to 281TU. The new spare parts kit is SP-281TU.
This new design will ensure a longer lasting pump head, less maintenance over the life of the pump and greater reliability making Unidose the best choice for your chemical feed.

Versatile and flexible
Available with one or two output control for easy and precise adjustment over the operating range. bed coverage ratio up to 500: 1 provides unmatched flexibility.
Maximum output of 6 to 30 gallons per day at 80 psi.

Advanced noise reduction, making it ideal for residential applications.
Fully enclosed, chemically resistant housings that offer superior protection, whether indoors or outdoors. Digital electronics for long life.
The efficient solenoid design provides trouble-free power for users, open boxes, motors and gears associated with motor pumps.

Inherent pressure relief stops the pump if the back pressure of the system exceeds the force of the pump. Thermostatic protection prevents damage from overheating.
The standard prime valve provides safe and easy priming without having to disconnect the tubing.

Advanced valve design
Each pump is equipped with four self-cleaning Uni-Valves ™ designed to maintain the first time removing scale and clogging associated with ball valves.

Standard accessories
Each Uni-Dosis® comes with a bleed valve, injection or pressure return valve, foot valve with filter, vinyl suction tubing, UV resistant PE discharge tubing and a ceramic weight. Head and accessories are constructed of high strength PVC. Self-cleaning Uni-Valves.

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  1. Jesus Rodriguez -

    Good day.

    I would like to know if you sell the replacement kits for the pumps.

    • Carbotecnia -

      Good morning Jesus, if we can get them, what model do you need them? if you have the part number it is better.

      Thank you

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