Fleck 2510 valve

Brand: Fleck

Model 2510

Connections: 3/4 ″ and 1 ″ NPT

Thread at base: 2.5 ″

Flows (50 psi Inlet) - “Valve Only”

Continuous (15 psi pressure drop): 19 gpm (72 lpm)

Maximum (25 psi pressure drop): 24 gpm (90.84 lpm)

CV (flow at 1 psi pressure drop): 4.8

Max. Backwash (25 psi pressure drop): 17 gpm (64.34 lpm)

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  • Fully adjustable, 5-cycle control offering backwash, brine regeneration, slow rinse, quick rinse, fill with water in the brine tank, and commissioning.
  • Time-tested parts, hydraulic piston, seal and spacer, service controls, flow, and regeneration
  • Non-corrosive, built with reinforced polymers.
  • Excellent flow capacities (19 GPM continuous, 24 GPM peak)
  • Backwash capacity for tanks up to 16 "diameter, for softener or filter

Heads for water filters or automatic softeners.


Data sheet

Fleck 2510

Fleck 2510 Manual


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