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Everpure Pentair Water Filtration Systems

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It is one of the most recognized brands among foodservice restaurants and fast food franchise managers, and one of the most trusted brands by those serving in the foodservice industry, including consultants, distributors, suppliers of water-use equipment OEMs and services. Pentair Everpure's broad portfolio of technologies and products is designed to be sized to provide the exact water quality specifications needed to meet food, ingredient and coffee or process water requirements.




Code Part number Description Gallons
P_061205 EV930090 HQS-WF, 2 Sediment, 1 Anti-scale 3,000
P_061207 EV930095 HQS-WF w / UV, 2 Sediment, 1 Anti-scale, UV-1 3,000
P_061208 HQS-WF w / MC2 (.5mic), Sediment, Antisarro and Installation Kit 9,000
P_061209 HQS-WF w / PRO-4 (.15mic), Sediment, Antisarro and Installation Kit 3,600


Code Part number Description Gallons
P_061211 EV932421 Insurice Single System, I2000 PF, 1.67 gpm 9,000
P_061304 EV932422 Insurice Dual System, i2000 PF, 3.3 gpm 18,000
P_061305 EV932523 Insurice Triple i4000 PF System, 5.0 gpm 36,000

VERPURE® - Filtration Systems Multiple Applications: Posmix, Ice, Coffee Makers
Code Part number Description Gallons
P_061212 EV932806 Everpure Triple MC2 CSR High Flow 5.0 GPM System 27,000
P_061213 EV943710 Everpure Quadruple System MC2 High Flow CSR 6.67 GPM 36,000

VERPURE® - Scale and Scale Removal Systems
Code Part number Description Gallons
P_061214 EV979750 Everpure Filtration System to Reduce Scale, 5 GPM 6,000

Purifiers provide fresh, clear water to your restaurant, improving the taste, quality, and overall appearance of the product. Using a specialized filter blend and SR-X Scale Inhibitor, this system fights against health contaminants like bacteria and cysts, while dramatically reducing sediment and scale build-up, which could damage internal components. of their ice machines and coffee machines. Plus, since it filters out chlorine and unpleasant taste and odor, you'll have a better tasting and smelling product too!

This filtration system features a 20 ″ pre-filter cartridge that is specially designed to reduce the amount of dirt and sediment in your water before it reaches your primary filter, increasing the efficiency of the entire system and extending life useful of your primary filter cartridge.

Ideal for use with high volume or combination equipment, this filter system has a capacity of up to 36,000 gallons with a maximum pressure requirement of 125 PSI. To ensure that even the smallest contaminants cannot slip through the filter, this system has a 0.5 micron rating and a 6.7 GPM flow rate, ensuring a constant flow without sacrificing cleanliness. And, changing cartridges is quick, easy and hygienic, because none of the internal parts of the filter are exposed during routine handling.
Reduces the taste and smell of chlorine and other offensive contaminants that can adversely affect the taste of beverages.

  • Standards: NSF / ANSI 42 and 53 certified for aesthetic and health effects such as chemical and cyst reduction.
  • California residents see Proposition 65


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