Portinox FMIC-1000A-1B-1H-1LL drinking fountain with 2 stations bi-level

Portinox FMIC-1000A-1B-1H-1LL Drinking fountain vandal-resistant

Island drinking fountain with two stations and bottle filler

For primary and secondary.

Product images are illustrative and may vary from the physical product.

Portinox in island drinking fountain with water purification system, for 2 users and 1 bottle filler.
(1 station regular size, 1 stations for wheelchairs access and 1 bottle filler)
Made of 18 gauge EN-10088 / 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel.
Surface finish: Satin-Gloss

Más especificaciones:
• Profundidad tarja: 40 mm.
• Vandal-proof, anti-twist, stainless steel water spout with sanitary barrier.
• Anti-vandalism button.
• Registration door with retracted screws.
• Inlet: Threaded, 1/2 ”NPT
• Salida: Manguera flexible 25 mm
• Embedded in the ground using screws
• Peso Neto: 38.5 kg
• Rejilla elevada en el fondo del llena botellas que permite apoyar la botellasin obstruir el drenaje
• Door anchoring system in the furniture that allows it to be opened but not to fall.
• Bottle filling nozzle with a system that avoids the connection of a hose.
• Rounded edges to avoid cuts.
• Cuerpo central formado por 2 envolventes concéntricas separadas internamente por poliuretano inyectado a alta densidad que favorece la robusted del bebedero.
• Homologado en INIFED

Purificación en alta tecnología

Dispositivo purificador de agua 3M: Prefiltro, resina de polipropileno compactado de 5 micras + filtro con membrana de 0.2 micras para reducción de bacterias, carbón activado para cloro y sabores. Cumple con la NOM-244-SSA1-2008 of Cofepris.

Look how they were in the walkways of Guadalajara:

Data sheet

Portinox FMIC-1000A-1B-1H-1LL


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