Mega - Wood granular activated carbon

Pine Wood Granular Activated Carbon

Activated with phosphoric acid. Its pores tend to meso and macroporosity. Its main application is in the discoloration of liquids.

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Wood granular activated carbon

Raw material: Pine wood
Particle size range (mesh): 6 × 20, 14 × 35
Presentation: 13 kg bags


Fluid discoloration
Retention of organic pollutants high molecular weight (such as colors, fats, oils and natural organic matter)

Mega is a charcoal of vegetable origin, made from pine wood and activated with phosphoric acid.

Mega has a high proportion of pores with a diameter greater than 50 nm, so it adsorbs more efficiently organic pollutants of high molecular weight such as colors, fats, oils and natural organic matter, in general.

Activated Carbon wood bleach.



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