Drinking fountain CAI-J-3TB with 3 outlets for Elementary school

  • Montaje al piso, con 3 tomas con boquillas semiesféricas antivandálicas.
  • Bottle filler
  • Brand: Carbotecnia.
  • Manufactured from 18 gauge T-304 stainless steel, P3 finish.
  • Minimum Operating Pressure: 20 PSI.
  • Includes: 3 bubblers, 3 chrome pushbutton valves, stainless steel body, plastic cap, manifold and fixing elements.

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3 Stations drinking fountain with bottle filler of stainless steel for kindergarten


Bebedero antivandálico con 3 tomas de agua y llenador de botellas, el bebedero es tipo isla y de montaje al piso, fabricado en acero inoxidable, para uso en interiores y exteriores.

El bebedero CAI-J-3TB está construido completamente en acero inoxidable, diseñado para que cuatro niños puedan beber agua al mismo tiempo. Cuenta con válvulas de alta calidad con ajuste de flujo para poder adaptarse a diferentes presiones. Este equipo puede ser utilizado a la intemperie ya que sus materiales ofrecen excelente resistencia.


100 cm
45 cm
75 cm


Bottle filler
Nozzles at 65 cm
Nozzles at 75 cm
Type of nozzles


It is fixed to the floor with metal anchors (included with the drinking fountain)

Elkay water purifier

This drinking fountain can include a water filter of the world-renowned brand Elkay, model WSP35000, with a 0.2 µm membrane that stops bacteria, with the help of the technology of the In block and a sedimentation filter, organic material and sediment particles are stopped. It does not need an electrical connection and complies with the NOM-244-SSA1-2008 standard issued by COFEPRIS. These water filters have been accepted by schools, the government, and the general public.


Periodic cleaning is recommended for the drinking fountain: the body and bowl to avoid encrustations. In case of persistent stains, you can use a stainless steel cleaning acid and / or sand the surface with a polishing fiber. As for the purifier, it is recommended to change the sedimentation cartridge every 3 to 6 months. The 0.2 µm membrane has a life of 35,000 gallons, it is suggested to change it every year.

Ficha Técnica

Bebedero CAI-J-3TB


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