Water treatment plants

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Containerized water treatment plants, water treatment plants integrated in a system or package suitable to the needs of the type of water.

The treatment process of our water purification systems begins with the analysis of the water to be treated, the applications and the design of the system.

We build systems of Reverse osmosis RO They are designed to remove sediment and particulates from unfiltered water, such as sea, brackish, or tap water.

These systems combine micronic or submicronic filtration systems to eliminate microorganisms and pollutants to make the water drinkable. The result is a pure and drinkable water outlet.

Systems can be assembled on site to deliver a package pre-tested on a rack or in a shipping container for easy transportation and installation.

How do we design our water treatment plants?

Our engineering process consists of important factors that we take into consideration to build our water treatment and purification systems.

Here are some of these considerations:

Water analysis:

Our engineers design specific systems for each client's requirements with a detailed water quality report.

Environmental Considerations:

With a complete water analysis, our team will design a system to meet the demands of our customers' operating environment.

This includes available public services, local weather, facilities, and site accessibility.

Ease of service:

Not only are systems designed to meet the performance requirements of the job, our engineers strive to design equipment with ease of maintenance in mind.

The teams:

These systems are designed with industry standard components, most of which are available in most regions.

Its projects are supervised by Azud and Carbotecnia.

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