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UV light lamps for water

Ultraviolet lamps for water treatment, UV light is a powerful germicide that eliminates microorganisms from purified water without the use of added chemicals, Brands such as: UV Viqua, Trojan, Polaris, Sterilight, WaterTec, it is the most efficient bactericide in the production of drinking or bottling water.

Ultraviolet UV water sterilization systems.

They are designed to kill microorganisms that can range from bacteria and viruses to algae and protozoa. UV treatment is able to disinfect water faster than chlorine, without the use of dissolving tanks and harmful chemicals for you.

How does UV light disinfection work?

The UV lamp emits powerful ultraviolet light and incorporates the natural energy of ultraviolet light, to eliminate microbiological contamination. The water enters through the lower part of the reactor chamber and revolves around a mercury vapor lamp at the exit, the bulb is protected by a sleeve or quartz tube that covers it.

UV radiation reaches microorganisms and absorbs light energy, disrupting DNA and preventing its reproduction.

This type of system is ideal to be used as a system for the elimination of bacteria, viruses and biological pathogens, either to be placed at the entrance of the house, for biologically unsafe water (private wells), and for commercial purposes such as: jug bottling machines, swimming pools, restaurants, spas and any other place where you want to disinfect the water.

In addition, our ultraviolet water sterilization systems are manufactured with axial flow reactors in 304 stainless steel and different pipe diameters.

On the other hand, germicidal lamps offer an inexpensive way to treat water that requires removing 99.99% from microorganisms. This process is done without adding any harmful chemicals to drinking water.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • No chemicals or by-products are added to the water supply (i.e. chlorine + organics = trihalomethanes).
  • It's environmentally friendly and easy to use, with no dangerous chemicals to store, no risk of overdose.
  • There are no changes in taste, odor, pH or conductivity or in the general chemistry of the water.
  • Very economical, hundreds of liters can be treated for each weight of operating cost.
  • Immediate treatment process, without the need for holding tanks, long holding times, etc.
  • Automatic operation without human intervention or special measurement.
  • Easy maintenance and annual lamp replacement, with no moving parts to wear out.

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