Drinking Fountains

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Compare the different water fountain options for your school or business.

School drinkers, for parks, shopping centers, companies and public places. With safe 100% water purifiers. Brands: Elkay, Portinox, Carbotecnia.

Drinkers for schools.

In a school you can install the drinking fountain in the courtyard, hallways or offices.

The advantage of a water trough is that it will save you from moving and investing in the jugs you buy for the consumption of children and teachers.

In addition, there are a wide variety of models that take up little space and require little maintenance.

Water fountain brands in Mexico:

  • ELKAY.

It is the leading brand in the market, with a presence throughout the world.

  • Carbotecnia.

It is our brand, we can manufacture models according to your need.

  • Portinox

They are modular models, rounded, highly resistant to dents, their manufacture is Spanish.