We collaborate with SIAPA in the supply of pedestal drinking fountains that were installed in the Circunvalación, Tonalá and Pablo Neruda linear parks in the city of Guadalajara.

They needed resistant equipment, suitable for children and adults and with a COFEPRIS certified purifier.


Considering the installation needs, budget and the place where the drinkers were installed, we recommend Portinox brand drinkers, which are made of stainless steel and have nozzles at different heights suitable for children and adults, which provide purified water at all times. to athletes and people who go to these parks.

In addition, the purification equipment of these drinkers has COFEPRIS certification in compliance with NOM-244.

Purified water.

Due to its internal technology, it eliminates contaminants that are harmful to health, making the water safe for everyone who comes to the park.


The installed Portinox waterers have buttons that are easily operated by children and adults.

Environmental care.

The use of drinkers helps to avoid the purchase of disposable bottles and the use of polluting plastics.

Look how they were in the walkers of Zapopan:

Liters of water provided by a drinking fountain
Bottles that can be filled with each drinker
Installed drinkers
Number of Parks in which they were installed

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