Tertiary wastewater treatment plant at the Morphoplast company in Tlaxcala.

The main problem that Morphoplast presented in its water treatment process was the waste of more than 500,000 liters of water coming from its processes.

We work together with ARKTLAX SA de CV for the dimensioning and supply of the ideal systems for the Morphoplast company to reuse the water.


Considering Morphoplast's capacity, water quality and installation needs, we did an engineering development to determine the appropriate systems to reach the required water quality.

Installed systems

  • Pumping system for equipment supply: 1 pc. of 7.5HP Vertical Multistage Pump.
  • Filtration systems: 2 pcs. 36 ″ x72 ″ multimedia filter set, with Clack WS3 automatic valve.
  • Purification equipment: 4 pcs. Activated carbon equipment 48 ″ x72 ″, with Clack WS3 automatic valve.
  • Alternating valves: 6 pcs. of 3 ″ Motorized Alternating Valves.
  • Pressure system for recirculation: 1 pc. 10HP Vertical Multistage Pump.

Instalation date

November 2019.

Economic savings.

The project reduced the costs related to the daily water consumption of the company, more than 500,000 liters of water were discarded daily and with our system, 100% of the water is currently reused.

Safer processes.

By having a water treatment team, the companies ensure that the reused water meets the operational requirements.

Environmental care.

Reusing water is beneficial for the environment and for society, since we have a limited amount of drinking water.

Liters of water that are reused per day
Liters that can be treated annually
Installed equipment
Plants that were installed

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