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Spacer and Seal Kit Replacement Guide Clack Valve WS1EE Video

Change of seal kit and spacers Clack Valve WS1EE.

We used a WS1EE metered smoothing valve to do this tutorial, but this article can also be used as a guide if you need to change the seal rings or spacers on the WS2 and WS3 valves, as the components of all clack valves are similar.

In the following video you can see how to do a seal and spacers kit change on a Clack WS1EE valve.

In this short tutorial we explain how to change the seal and spacers kit of a WS1EE valve.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Remove the valve cap:

We are going to start by removing the valve cover, grasp the cover at the side ends and slightly pull it out to release it from the latches and remove it.

2. Disconnect the pins:

Disconnect the 3 pins that are connected to the card, in this case the meter pins are connected (because it is a WS1EE valve with meter), the power source and the motor.

3. Remove the card:

Press the latch on the top of the card and pull the card up a little to remove it, being very careful because it has very sensitive parts.

4. Remove the card holder:

Remove or remove the valve bracket by pressing the latches on the top.

5. Remove the piston and seal kit: 

  • To remove the piston section and the spacers, loosen the central gear, you can use the clack wrench (Code: V3193-01) or some other wrench or tool to loosen it, taking care not to damage the gear.
  • Although no special tools are required for assembling the Clack valves, the code key: V3193-01 can be purchased to facilitate assembly and disassembly of the valves.

Remove the piston and the seal and spacers assembly, being very careful not to damage them. 



At this point, if you are checking the piston or the rings for leaks in the valve operation, it is important to check that the piston does not have any type of scratches, because if they exist, this may be the cause of the leakage and piston replacement may be necessary.

In this case our piston is very good, it does not have any scratches, so we proceed to the next step.

6. Replace the seal kit:

This is what the seal kit looks like and you simply replace the part and put it back all the way down, no need to tighten too much.


Normally the assembly of seals and spacers already includes a special lubricant, in case the spacer gaskets are a little dry, you can apply a silicone lubricant to prevent them from drying out or breaking.

7. Replace the piston:

Insert the piston carefully so as not to damage it, re-thread and tighten with the wrench until you feel it is fully tight. If necessary you can apply a little lubricant to the piston.

8.Replace the valve card base:

Place the valve support, the valve has guides where this support fits, press the latches and make sure that the support fits correctly.

9. Insert the card:

Now place the card by pressing lightly until it is perfectly seated, taking care not to touch the display or any other device that could be damaged.

10. Connect the power cables:

Connect the power supply, meter and motor pins.

11. Install the valve cap:

Place the valve cover considering that it fully fits in the 2 side latches.

12. Place the valve on your filter or softener:

Attach the valve to your equipment either filter or softener and operate your valve regularly.

Ready! We already changed the seal and spacers kit of our Clack WS1EE valve, it would be the same procedure if we wanted to change the piston or if we only wanted to change the electronic board of the valve.

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