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Why should I have drinking fountains at my school?

Inifed drinker program

Why should I have a drinking fountain at my school?

What is the NOM-244? - How many should my school have?

Hello! In 2014, a law was approved so that all educational institutions, both public and private, have drinking fountains and thus reduce childhood obesity and improve the health of our children.

At Carbotecnia we are a company committed to society, to the country and of course to our children, we want to help you make the best decision and clear all your doubts.

 Why should I have a drinking fountain?

As part of the reform to articles 7, 11 and 19 of the General Law of the Educational Physical Infrastructure, on drinking fountains in schools, it was established that all educational institutions from kindergarten to secondary school must have sufficient drinking fountains and potable water supply.

How do I know if my drinking fountain supplier is reliable?

If what you are looking for is to install drinkers in your school and comply with the INIFED requirements, your supplier must offer you at least the following characteristics in their drinkers:

  • It appears on the INIFED provider list.
  • 304 stainless steel drinker.
  • Purifier that complies with NOM-244 and is approved by COFEPRIS.
  • Have at least one mouthpiece for people in a wheelchair.
  • That it has at least one key to fill bottles.
  • Sizes according to the average heights of children, whether for kindergarten, primary or secondary.
  • The corners should not have sharp edges.
Girl in trough.


And the installation?

It is important that you take the installation into account when buying your drinker. Companies can offer you different options:

  • They do the installation for you.
  • You have to do it.
  • They do the installation for you at an extra cost.
  • They do the installation for you if they are in the same city.

Recommendation: If you have to do the installation, check that it is easy to install equipment and that it has instructions or manuals.

 How many drinking fountains should my school have?

The number of drinkers (It is measured by nozzles) must be equivalent to the number of groups that the school has. We leave this table for you to get your accounts.

Regular height nozzles
Disability mouthpieces
Nose wrench
Kindergarten with 3 or 6 groups
Kindergarten with 9 groups
Primary 6 groups
Primary 12 groups
Primary 18 groups
General secondary 6 groups
Technical and general secondary 12 groups
Technical and general secondary 18 groups

 What is the NOM-244?

It is a standard by which a laboratory can certify that a purifier meets the requirements required by law.

This ensures that the water in the purifier is drinkable and free from any bacteria or threats.

 3M DWMX1 Purifier

The DWMX1 purifier is a 3-step purifier cartridge:

  1. Sediment cartridge
  2. Activated carbon
  3. 0.2 micron membrane

This mechanism manages to stop bacteria, microorganisms and everything that is harmful to health.

This purifier is one of the few that complies with NOM-244 and is endorsed by COFEPRIS. At Carbotecnia we are proud to be 3M business partners and to have these products.

Purifier filter 3M purifier filter that complies with NOM-244 and endorsed by COFEPRIS, INIFED and Sustainable Schools.

If you need more information, write to us.

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