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Elkay Manufacturing en México

Elkay Manufacturing Company began as a vision of Leopold Katz and his son Louis on the north side of Chicago in 1920. Since 1969, Elkay has produced drinking fountains and coolers for the North American market, and in recent years has also had a presence in Mexico. The company offers a wide variety of bottle filling stations, water coolers and drinking fountains for both indoor and outdoor use.

Its goal was to manufacture the highest quality sinks and provide exceptional service. The result: a thriving company created one satisfied customer at a time.

Family owned since 1920

Today, Elkay Plumbing Products offers worldwide innovation for sinks, mixers, food service products, water coolers, drinking fountains for businesses, schools, offices and bottle filling stations.

Elkay in 1969 began production of drinking fountains and coolers for the North American market.

In 2010, Elkay introduces the award-winning EZH2O water bottle filling station, forever changing the world of water supply. This innovative, eco-friendly product gains instant popularity for its ability to reduce PET plastic bottle waste in landfills.

In 2017, acquires Interior Systems Inc. Operating as Elkay Interior Systems, the company expands capacity to offer design, engineering and manufacturing services for diverse segments such as retail fixtures, fast casual dining, hospitality and education.

Today, its largest market is for the best-selling stainless steel kitchen sinks in the United States. Over the years, it has continued to launch new products, designs and innovations, and serves as a thought leader in an incredible variety of different industries. The company is still owned and operated by the original founding family, providing thousands of jobs that support American families and communities.

These products meet accessibility standards for adults and children, and some models even feature WaterSentry® water filters and purifiers to provide added water quality protection and safety.

Elkay is recognized for the quality of its products and its commitment to technological innovation. Its drinking fountains and coolers have features such as touch-free operation and antimicrobial mouth guards for cleaner, healthier hydration.

Zurn and Elkay companies join forces

The merger of the Zurn and Elkay companies was completed on July 1, 2022. This merger has created Zurn Elkay Water Solutions, one of the largest providers of water management solutions to improve health and the environment. Under the terms of the merger agreement, Zurn Water Solutions acquired Elkay Manufacturing3. The resulting company continues to be led by the Zurn Water Solutions board of directors, with the addition of two new directors from Elkay’s board of directors.

The union of Zurn and Elkay has allowed the expertise and resources of both companies to be combined in the creation of a leading sustainable water solutions company for health and the environment. This allows them to offer a wide range of water management products and services with a focus on improving water quality and conserving water resources.

It is important to note that this information is based on the online search performed and there may be updates or additional details not mentioned here. It is recommended that reliable and updated sources be consulted for more accurate information on the merger of the Zurn and Elkay companies.

In summary, Elkay is a company with a long history of manufacturing stainless steel products, including drinking fountains for people. In addition, its presence has expanded into Mexico, offering a variety of drinking fountain and cooler options that meet quality and accessibility standards.

Carbotecnia distributes Elkay drinking fountains in Mexico.

Elkay Mexico Bottle Fillers and Drinking Fountains

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Advantages of Elkay Mexico drinking fountains

Elkay drinking fountain have several advantages over others on the market. Some of them are listed below:

Design and quality: Elkay stands out for offering products made of high-quality stainless steel. This ensures durability and strength, making its drinking fountains a reliable and long-lasting option.

Advanced technology: Elkay’s drinking fountains use non-contact sensory activated technology. This allows for a more hygienic, touch-free hydration experience, helping to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

Compliance with accessibility standards: Elkay offers a variety of models that meet accessibility standards for adults and children in accordance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations. This ensures that its drinking fountains are accessible to all people, including those with special needs.

Water protection and safety: Some Elkay drinking fountain models are equipped with WaterSentry® filters, which provide added protection and safety for water quality by removing contaminants and improving taste.

Variety of options: Elkay offers a wide range of drinking fountains and coolers for both indoor and outdoor use. This allows customers to choose the model that best suits their specific needs.

These advantages make Elkay drinking fountains an excellent choice for those seeking quality, advanced technology, compliance with accessibility standards and water protection.

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