Sand, Anthracites and Zeolites

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Water filter media, silica sand, zeolite and anthracite.

What is water filtration media?

Water filter media is of utmost importance to any filtration system. Suspended solids can be a problem in some processes or need to be removed so that our system is free of solid impurities.

Carbotecnia offers a wide variety of water filtration media, such as silica sand, anthracite, garnet, zeolite, filter AG, silica gravel, etc.

There are filters that can take only one filter media, it can be only zeolite, or only sand. But it is not applicable in all cases, our experience has led us to the conclusion that it is more efficient the double or dual filters and the multiple (multimedia) filters, the mixture of various sizes and densities make a deep bed filter with various media, increase its flow and retain more solids in less time.

For this reason, virtually all filters we suggest for more complex water or wastewater treatment applications are dual or multi-media filtration.

Multi-media or multimedia water filtration systems have other advantages over single-media filters, primarily because they have the ability to clarify water at a higher flow rate. In addition, multimedia filtration also delivers higher quality filtered water at much faster flow rates compared to a typical sand filter.

In a single media filter, the lighter, finer media particles are at the top of the filter bed, and the coarser, heavier particles are left at the bottom after backwashing. This makes the filtering area only a few centimeters in the upper part of the bed, and the lower part is not really of efficient use.

A deep bed filter with several filter media having different densities and grain sizes, that when backwashing, each media is arranged according to its density, keeping the larger grains at the top using Anthracite, and the finer grains with silica sand and down to the bottom with garnet which is heavier in density and finer in grain size. These layers maintain a proportion and without generating pressure drops.

Silica sand

Classified in various ranges, typically in 20×30 mesh, silica sand can be used as a filter media in multimedia filters or as a support media depending on the size of the particles in suspension and the application.


Anthracite is a mineral carbon of very good hardness, recommended as a filter media in dual or multi-bed filters, it is a light media that receives the incoming water to remove larger solids and has a good resistance to wear.


A small grain size of high density, garnet #30-40 generates fine filtration as the final stage in a deep bed filter.

Natural Zeolite

A lightweight, highly porous mineral that can function efficiently for single media beds by having a graded range of grains and pores that generate both inter- and intra-pore filtration. The disadvantage of this granular media is its hardness that there are streaks that water hammer or very high flows, can break the filter media.

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