Activated Carbon Filtration Systems

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Activated carbon filters

They retain organic contaminants, including those that give flavor, odor and color.

Among the main groups of pollutants are pesticides, detergents, hydrocarbons, fats and dissolved oils. Also, remove free chlorine.

The purpose of industrial activated carbon filters is to remove chlorine, taste, odor and color of organic origin, either with activated carbon of bituminous mineral origin or coconut shell charcoal.

The grain size or mesh number, for this application the sizes are recommended: 12 × 40 and 8 × 30.

For an industrial activated carbon water system, it is necessary to know the water quality with an analysis.

When it comes to reliable municipal or well water, we can expect a low amount of contaminants and we can use an activated carbon from Coconut shell.

In the event that the water has a high turbidity, amount of high total organic compounds or that comes from surface water of rivers or lakes. In these cases the type of activated carbon will have to be of origin bituminous mineral.